Good quality Motorcycle crankshafts from China manufacturer


The working principle of motorcycle crankshaft

The crankshaft of a motorcycle is a spark plug that ignites the gasoline in the engine. The gasoline combustion work drives the live race down, and then drives the crankshaft to rotate. It also depends on the inertia of the crankshaft to maintain operation when it is not ignited. As long as the engine is started, the crankshaft will continue to rotate, and drive the magneto to generate electricity, charge the battery and use it for power devices in the car. If the gear does not go, it means pinch-clutch (hand-clutched models) or idling (auto-clutch models such as pedals or curved beams). At this time, the crankshaft is still rotating. Bending beam or pedal) the car will not go, the resistance of the engine is slightly increased, but the effect is very small, and the engine speed in neutral is basically the same.