Manufacturer of Hot rolled Fork Carriage Bar cross beam Shape Steel FEM Section bar for forklift trucks


Application: Forklift trucks

Product Details:

H profile channel steel for forklift truck mast.

Our products completely solve many difficult problems, such as the instability of the precision, the size, and the shape, the shape does not meet the technical requirements in the rolling of the special forklift mast.

The product is formed by hot rolling once, and the overall quality uniformity is good.

It can effectively reduce the complexity of forklift truck gantry fabrication and improve the production efficiency of forklift production plants.

Replacing imported products with the products can greatly reduce the manufacturing cost of the forklift.

Instead of welding products, the manufacturing cost can be reduced and the performance quality of the forklift mast is greatly improved, and the stable rolling of the product can be realized. It can also make personalized designs and improvements according to the needs of the user.

We ( Wuxi xingye special steel) are one of the leading manufacturers of produce hot rolled-shaped steel bars.